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Alex Wilson

Writer, Actor, Comic Stripper

External Services:
  • alexotica@livejournal.com
  • alexhaustion
Alex Wilson is a writer, actor, and comic stripper from northern Ohio and now based in Carrboro, NC.

His prose stories have appeared/will appear in Asimov's, The Rambler, Futurismic, ChiZine/Chiaroscuro, and Shimmer.
His comics... in The Florida Review, FutureQuake, and Hope: New Orleans.
His poetry... in Weird Tales, Spellbound, Murky Depths, and Pif.
His gaming materials... in Dragon Magazine and the backmatter for Mike Resnick's novel Starship: Pirate.

Alex is a 2006 Clarion graduate. He runs the audiobook project Telltale Weekly and the wiki Guidevines for Writers.